LFF 15
Lago Film Fest, 2019

Exhibition Design

Graphic Design

Art Direction

Hopping from one language to another typically cause meanings to short circuit. To translate is to be­tray a little is the least that we can say on the matter and translating may even become a political issue, at times. This reflection originated the underlying con­cept and inspired the comm campaign far this edition of Lago Film Fest. The passage from one language to another can even become a form of subjective art capable of generating a number of different interpre­tations. The world is a complex thing and we might as well wipe the siate clean and come up with a new language altogether. Why not? So Lago Film Fest this year set off on a quest far a universal language that’s new and original and made of art, dance, music, im­ages and sensory experiences, and able to not only communicate notions and needs but also the many emotions, feelings and states of mind of being human.